GGC food court posts passing score

LAWRENCEVILLE -- On its second health inspection in the last two weeks, a food court at Georgia Gwinnett College made a passing score.

Posting a score of 90 on Feb. 26, the food court in Building A at GGC was reinspected shortly after the Feb. 21 visit in which the establishment failed the inspection with a 64.

According to the health department, if a facility fails the follow-up or the next routine inspection, then the establishment's permit may be suspended. Follow-up visits are usually within three to 10 days of the initial inspection.

Items listed in the recent passing inspection included two violations of health codes. According to the report: "Precooked sausage patties, hasbrowns, fries (were stored) below raw bacon ... raw meats ... must be stored below and separately from ready to eat foods."

In addition, a cooler in the establishment was not maintaining the proper temperatures.

Both matters were "corrected on-site" according to the report.

According to its website, the Gwinnett County Health Department aims to "ensure that food service operators are following proper procedures to minimize the risk of dining patrons becoming ill. Environmental Health enforces state regulations that regulate food service establishments such as restaurants, mobile food service operations, school and institutional cafeterias, and catering services."

For more information, visit www.gnrhealth.com.

According to GGC's website, the food court "offers students several dining options from pizza and pasta to sandwiches and comfort foods."