Crime down over past five years in Gwinnett Place area

In five years, a community improvement district's efforts have cut crime incidents in half in one of Gwinnett's revitalizing areas, according to statistics released this week.

Leaders from the Gwinnett Place CID heralded the decrease, which they attributed to a strengthened relations with the local police force, cleanup efforts, strengthened code enforcement and regular patrols from private security officers.

Between 2007 and 2012, overall crime incidents decreased 49 percent, with robbery down 52 percent and motor vehicle theft down 65 percent, a press release said. Theft reduced 48 percent, while commercial burglary is down 24 percent.

Plus, the number of traffic accidents is down 56 percent compared to 2007, the release added.

"The crime decrease is directly related to a series of successful initiatives taken by the Gwinnett County Police Department and by the Gwinnett Place CID," said Joe Allen, the organization's executive director. "The Gwinnett Police regularly patrol throughout Gwinnett Place. The GPCID has also taken to heart the 'Broken Windows' policy of aggressively carrying out code enforcement to clean up the district."

Adhering to the philosophy that crime increases in areas where people neglect to maintain their property, the CID also boasted of a banner year in cleanup efforts.

The release said 23.38 tons of debris and 1,507 signs were removed from roadways and 124 street/parking lights and 27 malfunctioning traffic signals were repaired.

A recent crime-free multi-housing initiative is helping to eliminate crime, officials said, with an aggressive effort by police in 26 apartment complexes near the CID.

So far, calls to the police have gone down 22.3 percent with an immediate 12 percent reduction in certain serious crimes from April to December of last year.

"We can't offer enough praise and thanks for the solid efforts of the Gwinnett County Police Department," Allen said. "There is no question that their efforts have resulted in these successes."

Maj. Christa Spradley, precinct commander for the county's cnetral precinct, which serves the area, had praise for the CID's work.

"The efforts of the Gwinnett Place CID have been a real help to the community and to our public safety efforts in the community," Spradley said in the release.

"The Gwinnett Place community continues to make strong headway," Allen added. "Our collective efforts are bearing real, tangible results."


Scratchinmyhead 1 year, 5 months ago

Really...I think some one may have gone to an early happy hour....keep an eye on crime mapping .com. Late last fall there were many weeks with over 500 incidents from the mall down to the Decalb county line. ....in a 7 day span. It is unsafe to go out at night and strangely enough plenty of afternoon assaults/armed robberies on the streets..pan handling and lets not forget the horrible incident at the car rental that claimed the life of a beautiful teen trying to earn a living....right down the street from the precinct.


Mack711 1 year, 5 months ago

Recently went to Macy's for the first time in years. Noticed that most of the stores in this mall have either left or taken over by Spanish or Korean interest. Was like a ghost town in there. Think that the Gwinnett Place Mall has seen its better days. One thing in this report is how do they determine the percentages compared to the days when this area was a booming place to go. If the number of patrons drops then the number of crimes drop. As a previous poster said the article is not correct.


BuzzG 1 year, 5 months ago

What the Gwinnett place CID is most famous for is its p.r. b.s. We the taxpayers are funding the GPCID.

"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion." Joseph Goebbels


LilburnLady 1 year, 5 months ago

First, The CID does not include "mall down to the Decalb county line." It only includes the area around the mall and a small area directly on the other side of I-85 on Pleasant Hill Road. I wouldn't expect for the CID to be responsible for crime outside it's borders. Also, the article doesn't say the area is crime-free, just that crime has been reduced.

Second, the CID does not own or operate or manage Gwinnett Place Mall. The owners of Gwinnett Place Mall recently were foreclosed on. The CID is hopeful that new management will revitalize the mall and they have even floated the idea of taking the roof off the mall to make it open air, turn portions of the parking lot into green space for outdoor events, etc. Yes, the mall is the centerpiece of the CID, but the CID has no connection to how it looks, the businesses inside or how it is operated.

Third, the CID is not funded by taxpayers. The CID is a group of business people who have businesses in and around the mall who agreed to contribute a membership fee of about $500 each year to the CID. The CID then uses that money to hire private security, landscapers, trash pickup, put in new sidewalks, signs and lighting, etc. In now way, shape or form does that effect the property taxes that those businesses pay to the county. It was the CID who paid to have the interstate interchange landscaped, not the taxpayers. They are also paying to have the traffic lights retimed and they are paying for a portion of the new Diverging Diamond interchange over Pleasant Hill.

The business owners recognized that the area was in dire need of help, so rather than turning to our incompetent county government, they chose to do it and pay for it themselves. Give them a break. At least they are trying to do something and I for one am glad that they are.


Coolray 1 year, 5 months ago

All true and well said. Blogs are a place were people jump in anonomusly and through out half truths and lies under that cloak. They make lots of wild, inflamatory statements that they wouldn't dare make if they were forced to use their real names and email addresses. Its always refreshing when someone brings more light than heat to a serious topic.


Scratchinmyhead 1 year, 5 months ago

I live in the area ..highway landscaping improvements make a mugging feel warm and fuzzy..the area is a ghetto ...crime is unexceptable...possible if there is a crime drop which crime mapping doesn't show (quite a cluster around pleasant hill mall area daily)..it may corelate to the new immigration/ deportation legislation....gangster staying home. CID needs to show where they came up with the statistics...anyone can bend the numbers ask Bernie Madolkof.


R 1 year, 5 months ago

So this CID has received no Federal, State, County or city funded grants or MATCHING funds derived from taxpayers outside it's own area ...

At all...

Me thinks some need to go back over the books.

Not saying some good things have not been accomplished, but it sure hasn't been done based solely on the "self contributions" of businesses within the region as the standard talking points always put forth.

The more you know...


dentaldawg83 1 year, 5 months ago

not funded by taxpayers? do your due diligence before you type

What are Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)? Authorized by Article IX, Section VII of the Georgia Constitution, a community improvement district (CID) is a mechanism for funding certain governmental services including street and road construction and maintenance, parks and recreation, storm water and sewage systems, water systems, public transportation systems, and other services and facilities. The administrative body of the CID, which can be the city governing authority, may levy taxes, fees and assessments within the CID, not to exceed 2.5 percent of the assessed value of the real property. Such taxes, fees and assessments may only be levied on real property that is used for non-residential purposes and revenues may be used only to provide governmental services and facilities within the CID. Bonded debt is permitted, but such debt may not be considered an obligation of the state or any other unit of government other than the CID.

may levy taxes, fees, and assessments....hmmmmm



LilburnLady 1 year, 5 months ago

The Gwinnett County Police Department Crime Analysis Unit reports that crime in the Gwinnett Place area decreased 23% over the last year. Gwinnett Police also report that overall crime incidents in the Gwinnett Place District have decreased by nearly half since 2007.

% Change 2007 vs. 2012

Robbery: DOWN 52%

Motor Vehicle Theft: DOWN 65%

Theft: DOWN 48%

Burglary (Commercial): DOWN 24%

Overall crime incidents: DOWN 49%

The community also saw a reduction in the number of traffic accidents, down 56% in 2012 from the GPCID baseline year of 2007.


Mack711 1 year, 5 months ago

Which goes back to the point that when you have less people visiting the area crime rates will go down as will the percentages, simple math. Lets look at the percentage of patrons that go to that mall back from lets say 2006 and 2012. You will see that the percentage numbers will stay in poroprtion to the number of customers. Give or take a little. That is the issue here. remember that you can take any set of numbers and make then say what ever you want them to say.


LilburnLady 1 year, 5 months ago

So Mack, Where are your statistics about how many people visit the CID area each day? You don't list any stats about numbers of customers and remember, the CID is not just the mall, it's a much larger area around the mall. If you have figures on customers 2006 vs. 2012, then yes, you could make a clear comparison.


Scratchinmyhead 1 year, 5 months ago

I am guessing you have not looked around at all the closed businesses or shopped at the remaining sub-par reatil outlets in the area. Target usually only runs two or three of their 27 lanes even during peak hours. Most of the retailers in the area have really fast check outs. I can just go to the empty mall and get a good feeling as to why Simpson dumped the mall and if crime property stats may be down (no qualified victims).


Mack711 1 year, 5 months ago

I am asking you for the stats. You quoted them for the years listed. Just look around the area and you will see exactly what is going on in and around that mall. The first thing you see is vacant stores and for sale or lease signs. That should tell you a lot. My neighbor had a sucessful business in that mall until about 06 or so. Closed it and moved to the mall of ga. Why? Crime. Simon wants to get rid of that mall but can not. that should tell you alot.


Scratchinmyhead 1 year, 5 months ago

Anyone can manipululate numbers given to the public....what GCPD being upfront?...just keep an eye on crime mapping dot com. These incident reports are supplied directly from Gwinett co. to them....there were 75 in a two mile radius of the mall in the ,last 7 days. Bernie Maddoff could probably slide figures around at least competive to these PR notes


dav 1 year, 5 months ago

Lets look at the percentage of patrons that go to that mall back from lets say 2006 and 2012. You will see that the percentage numbers will stay in poroprtion to the number of customers. I am not so sure about that, the area does appear a lot safer than it was I also would like to see the numbers on that


cwkimbro 1 year, 5 months ago

Whats with all the Debbie Downers!?!

Geez, just because the area isn't what it once was or all shiny and new doesn't mean it can't have an improvement on some metrics like crime.

and Mack, your opinion is almost well-made. The main problem I have is why the mall itself, particularly the shops between anchors are struggling, businesses in the whole area are coming back...even if they are more ethnic. At street level the area is just as busy as it ever was.

We also need to realize most crimes aren't centered on the mall itself, but the whole area where there are lots of strip malls and tons of apartments where people actually live. With the rental market... they are full or near full.

I think the two real reasons are: 1) increased patrolling by private security that was targeting the areas hardest hit by crime. 2) Increasing apartment rents (and this is no small thing).

With the housing bubble burst in 2007 rents have been going up, even around Gwinnett Place. While many still don't want to live in the apartments in the area, I think it has priced out the lowest element most likely to cause crimes and domestic disturbances in the area.


Truthbetold 1 year, 5 months ago

No Debbie downer here . just facts The whole area needs to be imploded. They need to build the Falcons outdoors stadium where the mall is. I mean we have an unsolved missing person form this area and an unsolved murder too. Blow the mutha up!!!! The whole area is good for fertilizer.....


pondering 1 year, 5 months ago

Where have all the criminals gone. They came to Lilburn. This year alone we have had a shooting, robbery, criminal arrests of new residents and just last night another robbery., in one neighborhood. According to the police there were up to 5 of the same type last night in the immediate area. We report issues around here and nothing gets looked into. Decaying properties reported. city drives by and slows down to look but never even stops to check it out. Junk vehicles allowed also. Great place to live and get robbed. Can't even sell house. Prospects say they would not live in this area due to conditions. We have Great City leaders. They really look after the citizens.


kevin 1 year, 4 months ago

The stats are lies in desperate hopes of drawing business back to this "failing" shopping mall. It is obvious how poor business is there by all the companies that have gone out of business or moved away. Where is that stat from the police?


Mack711 1 year, 4 months ago

Ask Lilburn lady she may know since the crimes have moved to Lilburn according to Pondering.


cwkimbro 1 year, 4 months ago

But there is a flaw here. The police only give stats of crimes as they are reported, but the police don't give stats of the economic vitality of each area. Those are two completely separate things.

Truth is we have 3 malls and 2 major shopping centers (avenue & Forum). We are overretailed. There is too much inventory, so the weakest link goes under.

If we never built the Mall of GA. Most people would probably think GP would be much nicer... but that is because most of the money spent there wouldn't have left the area like it did. Money originally left not because of crime, but because there was something newer, bigger, and better not too far away. Owned by the same company, nonetheless.


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