LETTERS: Criticism of pope off base

In reference to Nate McCullough's column on Pope Benedict's actions regarding the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church ("Next pope should clean house, Feb. 22, 5A), I submit that he has failed to do his homework. It is easier to spew vitriolic verbiage in the media than to actually research reputable sources and discover the facts.

McCullough claims that he does not care what Pope Benedict thinks or does (something about a gnat's wing in Zimbabwe, how clever); however I believe that he cares very much. Even as he abuses the pope and the pope's leadership, he understands on some level that Pope Benedict, his predecessors and successors have unparalleled influence on the Christian world. To quote a passage from the Holy Bible, preserved solely by Catholic monks for hundreds of years, "Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God; everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God."

-- Nancy Hall



Karl 2 years, 6 months ago

No, Ms. Hall, McCullough's critique of the Pope-and the Catholic Church-was dead on. Usually, when the words 'abuse' and 'Catholic Church' are used in the same article it is about the decades long nightmare this institution has inflicted upon innocent children. I guess it takes a special kind of apologist to twist it around to where you can claim the Pope is the one being abused when those atrocities are brought to light. . By the way, where was McCullough factually incorrect? You tell him to 'actually research reputable sources and discover the facts.' Who are those sources and what might those facts be? Ms. Hall, you are entitled to make your own opinion. You are NOT entitled to make your own facts. . I think you suffer from a classic case of 'shoot the messenger' syndrome.


A_Gwinnett_Atheist 2 years, 6 months ago

Everyone should be allowed their own religious beliefs. The problems of the Catholic Church stem from the abuse of the very principles they teach. We now know that the protection of priests that violate the laws has been a policy that reaches all the way to the Pope. If the Catholics want to be considered serious in their religion, then they must demand full cooperation of the church and its leaders in the comprehension and prosecution of all violators, including those that knowingly participated in concealing those wanted by the law. While it is true that monks have done much work to reproduce copies of the Bible, I must take exception to the statement "preserved solely by Catholic monks for hundreds of years" . Theologians know well that these copies by monks are not the only ones available for study. Studying earlier texts, we know that monks sometimes added notations that became a part of the bible. Add to that the fact that the original bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages. Most of today's numerous translations comes from text that was first translated entirely into Greek, then into Latin and finally into English. Today we have hundreds of English translations which frequently demonstrate places of confusion as to exact meanings. Most of the translations are swayed by the translators on convictions or rationale, such as changing "Thou shall not kill" to "Thou shall not commit murder" in an attempt to justify killing citizens of another country when our leaders have a dispute with their leaders.


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