GOOD NEWS: Collins Hill students honored for food photography

SUWANEE -- Three students from Collins Hill High School dominated the field in a physics food photography contest sponsored by Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta.

The second annual Squishy Physics Food Photography Contest was judged Feb. 2 at Georgia Tech in partnership with Fernbank.

According to a news release, officials with Fernbank Science Center wanted to give high school students "an opportunity to showcase their photographic talents while learning about the physics of food and cooking."

Students were asked to provide one 8 x 10-inch photographic entry with "thought-provoking physical characteristics related to food or cooking."

Prizes were awarded based on appearance, creativity and how well each entrant showed a connection between science and cooking.

Contest winners include Skyler Hall, an 11th-grade student at Collins Hill, who won first place for "Colors of the Glass;" Taylor Thomas, 12th grade, who won second place for "Newton's Apple;" and Kendall Zanders, a 12th-grader, who won third place for "Eggs on a Pan."

For more information about Fernbank Science Center, visit www.fsc.fernbank.edu.

Frank Reddy writes about education. Good News from Schools appears in the Sunday edition of the Daily Post.