Suspicious package discovered at Clayton Co. Animal Control

JONESBORO — Clayton County police are investigating a suspicious package found Friday morning in the bathroom of Animal Control.

No one, including animals, was reported injured, Officer Danielle Rosa said.

The offices open at 8 a.m. and the package was discovered in the bathroom about two hours later by a rescue volunteer.

"She came out of the bathroom and told them there was something strange left in there," Rosa said.

Workers immediately called 911. Police sent in a robot to X-ray the package.

"They determined there was nothing lethal inside," she said. "Then they sent in two bomb-sniffing dogs to clear the area."

None of the animals had to be evacuated, Rosa said. However, hospitals were alerted for the worst-case scenario of an explosion.

"In cases like this, you have to prepare for the worst," she said.

Rosa said she had no information on the package itself or if any writings were left with it. She was unsure if the package was blown up or retained for evidence-gathering.

"We're just not sure if this was some kind of a joke or what," Rosa said. "It is Animal Control and some people don't like what they do there, some organizations which are against Animal Control."

However, Rosa said she didn't think there had been any recent specific threats toward the agency.