FILM FANS: Over the ‘Die Hard’ series

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1/2 star out of 4

Hollywood is broken and this flick is Exhibit A. With over–the-top chase and action scenes accompanied with loud ridiculous music it is nearly void of any entertainment value. We just aimlessly flash from one chase scene to another with inane action along the way. Yet the McClanes escape it all with just a few scratches. You catch yourself hoping they get knocked off so you can go home. It’s hard to fathom that the original “Die Hard” that was so exceptionally well done, in every detail, could spawn life into this incredible dud.

But we’re in a new age. John (Bruce Willis) is old and his son John Jr. (Jai Courtney) is on the scene working with the CIA. He’s protecting a Russian witness who has fallen out with his partner. But out of concern for his son, John Sr. arrives on the Russian scene and magically runs into his son during a tense moment. You talk about a real authentic goofball, you really have it here. Then they find out they have been doublecrossed and we actually have a uranium black market thing going on. Don’t walk, but run fast from this vile horrific embarrassment.

— Rick Wright, Auburn

2 stars out of 4

A tired franchise? “A Good Day to Die Hard” will not translate to a fun time at the movies. There is some chemistry missing in this movie that defined the other “Die Hard” movies. Remember Zeus? The policeman from the first one? I guess Jai Courtney as John McClane’s son was too dry in his performance to elicit a memorable character.

I’d love this movie if they had a subtitle running the tab of the $132 million of cars they damaged while filming the opening sequence. The premise of the “file” throughout the movie was quite stupid, double agents becoming triple agents, not knowing who was who and why then adding the Chernobyl aspect of the plot without being convincing was too much.

Even when I love the franchise to the point of owning all the DVDs, this one is only good for the opening sequence. Am I growing too old for the violence depicted? I’d choose “Skyfall” over this a million times over, and I didn’t like “Skyfall” that much.

— Alfred Richner, Duluth