While not fully deserving (see related Oscar article) of the top prize, "Argo" will be the likely winner of this years' Best Picture Academy Award. Of the three films he's made ("Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town" are the other two), "Argo" is director Ben Affleck's (relative) weakest effort to date, which is not to say it isn't good. A fact-based story of the CIA's secret mission to get escaped U.S. embassy employees out of Iran during the late '70s hostage crisis, "Argo" pinches a bunch from "Wag the Dog" and practically every classic '70s espionage thriller yet is still able to remain original and surprisingly funny throughout.

Technical specs: Aspect ratio: Widescreen (2.40:1/1080p), audio: English (DTS HD 5.1 MA), Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai (Dolby Digital 5.1) subtitles: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai.

Special features:

-- 3 featurettes

-- Additional DVD + UltraViolet copy disc

-- Commentaries

Warner Bros., $35.99