Tripp recovering from seventh surgery

A seventh surgery for Tripp Halstead, performed on Tuesday afternoon, was scheduled to clear up ongoing bacteria issues, but left lingering questions about a fever, heart rate and his ability to rest.

Stacy Halstead wrote on Facebook that her son felt pretty bad shortly after the procedure, was splotchy and had a "pitiful little moan."

"I just don't know why he just won't go to sleep and rest," Stacy wrote on the Facebook page, "Tripp Halstead Updates." "His heart rate is really high and I think that is keeping him awake. They have ordered more meds to try to help but they don't think it will really kick in for a few days. I feel so bad for him, he can't even get a break after surgery."

Similar to the sixth surgery for the 2-year-old Winder boy, the latest surgery was a surprise. It was to remove an external shunt that drained fluid off of his brain into a bag, rather than his stomach, a setup that was removed last week. The external shunt may have bacteria on it, so it was replaced with a new one.

Doctors are also treating an infection in the cerebrospinal fluid, ventriculitis and E. coli, that Stacy wrote should be cleared up in three to four weeks.

Before Tuesday's surgery, Stacy wrote that the family left her son's side in tears, but had reassuring smiles.

"He is just so small and innocent and it breaks my heart in to pieces that he keeps having to have surgery after surgery," she wrote. "I don't know how much more my poor heart can take or how many tears I have left."