Eastside to host heart disease prevention event

SNELLVILLE -- A dinner and presentation about heart disease prevention and warning signs is scheduled for next week at Eastside Medical Center.

The hospital and Dr. Markus Porkert, a cardiologist and director of Piedmont Cardiac Services at Eastside, will put on the event at 6 p.m. on Monday to inform and educate the community.

Eastside officials cited a statistic from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention that said annually more than 935,000 Americans suffer heart attacks, and more than 600,000 of those result in death.

The event will be at 1700 Medical Way, the 1800 building, in classrooms three and four.

To make a reservation, RSVP to 770-736-2498.


erikawhoo 2 years, 6 months ago

In the last year, Eastside Medical Center has told two diffrent groups of Cardiologist Groups that they could not treat their paients their anymore!! These are very well know excellent heart specialist in this area. If you go their with an cardiac emergency. The only specialist that can treat you are their hospital staff doctors. My mother in law was admitted through the emergency room, 6 months ago. They would not let her regular Cardioliogist come their anymore. I have sense found out that they have done the same thing to my Cardioliogist doctors also. I wonder how many people in the area have been affected by this. Now in an emergencey situation if you want your doctor. You have to go to Lawrenceville or other hospitals!


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