Several days of positive updates for Tripp

Following his sixth surgery in less than four months, Tripp Halstead's family made two important announcements over the weekend: Doctors removed his breathing tube on Saturday, and his mother got to hold him on Sunday.

The 2-year-old Winder toddler still has an infection in his blood, his mother Stacy wrote on Facebook, and he was awake most of Sunday night shaking a little, but doctors worked to get it under control.

"They still think he is doing better," Stacy wrote. "... So not sure how much longer we will be in ICU. They are doing all that they can to fight it. He is such a little trooper and hanging in there."

The limited amount of news was welcomed by Stacy, who wrote on Saturday that it's a "great thing."

When Halstead had his latest surgery on Thursday, and the family announced that he had bacterial meningitis, one doctor said the situation was very serious and life threatening.

On Saturday, Stacy announced good news.

"So today we are just keeping him comfortable and as pain free as possible," she said on the Facebook page "Tripp Halstead Updates," which has more than 200,000 "likes." "Thank you for all your prayers!!! He is going to make it!!!"

Late Monday night, Bill Halstead wrote that his son rested comfortably at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, and he looked good considering the circumstances.

"His trademark crazy hair is coming back and you can hardly see his scar, if I were to put him in his bed at home you would never know anything had happened to him," Bill wrote.

He added that the only silver lining in the nearly four-month process is the staff at CHOA.

"We had the best people available watching over Tripp and getting him the right treatment as quickly as possible," he wrote. "We know he is getting the best treatment available, and the staff here is awesome, from the surgeons to housekeeping, everyone really cares. I imagine tomorrow will just be another rest and recuperate day, gotta kick that infections butt!!"

The family expects to get a report on Tuesday from doctors about Halstead's status.