LETTERS: Fund schools by closing corporate tax loopholes

Georgia Gwinnett College is facing a budget cut of $2.7 million, a cut that could lead to more furlough days for faculty and staff, reduced library hours for students, and a hiring freeze. At a time when Georgia Gwinnett College is growing and expanding, this proposed cut would be a huge blow to its ability to provide the kind of education that these college students deserve.

There is a relatively simple solution to this problem. If we close the corporate tax loopholes that allow highly profitable corporations to avoid paying their fair share, we could generate the kind of revenue it would take to avert these proposed cuts. The state of Georgia loses approximately $569 million each year because corporations frequently move the profits they've made in our country to offshore tax havens, like the Cayman Islands, where the corporate income tax rate is zero.

Not only is the state losing money that could be used to fund higher education and other social programs, but it also simply isn't fair that corporations can use our infrastructure and skilled labor force without having to pay the same tax rate on their profits as small business owners do.

It's time for Rep. Rob Woodall to demand that corporations pay their fair share so that we can solve our budget problems, fund our schools, and level the playing field for small businesses.

-- Jason Pfeifle

Field Organizer, Georgia Fair Share


dmoore 2 years, 7 months ago

One day hopefully people will understand the corporations don't pay taxes! They simply shift money from one segment of society, US, to the government. If you increase taxes on corporations by whatever means you can think of they will do three things to cover the increase. They will cut workers hours, lay workers off, or raise prices. More than likely they will do a combination of all three. You might as well say you want to raise taxes on us all for education. Cut the corporate tax rates and you will see an increase in government income but I'm sure you aren't smart enough to figure out how this would work. Cut their taxes, they have more money, they hire more people which means more taxpayers, more sales taxes, more tax money or all types because more money is available for people to spend. It is that simple and anyone with any idea of how a capitalistic system works knows it.


Kent 2 years, 7 months ago

Dmoore----It is so good to see that there are some intelligent people out there like yourself who actually grasp the fact that corporations do not pay taxes. Most politicians and citizens are either too stupid to know this or are ignorant. Bet this letter is from an Obama supporter.


jack 2 years, 7 months ago

Who cares that corporations don't pay taxes?
They should still pay their "fair share"!
Of course, we can't tell you what you what their "fair share" should be, just that they should pay it, because it's just not fair otherwise.


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