Georgians to pay taxes on Amazon buys

ATLANTA — A spokesman for Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says Georgians who use Amazon.com will have to pay taxes on their purchases, though it's not clear when.

Amazon.com is not collecting sales tax from Georgia shoppers despite a new state law designed to snag the money from the world's biggest online retailer, the Associated Press reported last month.

The new law went into effect at the start of 2013.

Deal's spokesman Brian Robinson says Georgia has the authority to collect the tax and "we're negotiating from this position." He says that he expects more details to be released in coming weeks.

Seattle-based Amazon has fought against charging its customers a sales tax elsewhere, leading to legal battles in some states.


mollyrose 2 years, 7 months ago

GEE thanks,Georgia lawmakers.....We all are trying hard to save money any way we can, and now you've added 7% to our purchases. THANKS AMAZON FOR FIGHTING THIS!!! i'll still shop with you even our political leaders try to ruin a good thing for us in Ga. You are the best, Amazon and that is why you are successful. Local merchants could learn from your business model.


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