Loganville tables variance, faces possible lawsuit

LOGANVILLE -- City Council leaders Thursday voted to approve a rezoning but table a variance request, drawing fire from law firm Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, which represents the applicant on both matters.

Attorney David Gussio said during Thursday's council meeting that, if the council did not vote the same on both the rezoning and variance requests, the applicant's constitutional property rights would be violated.

The land in question 31.75 acres on Old Zion Cemetery Road (rezoning) and 26.02 acres (variance) is slated by the applicant to have both single residential homes and apartments, but the original concept included 3-story apartment buildings. Loganville Fire Chief Danny Roberts said that the city's fire truck and ladder could not rescue someone trapped at the peak of the 3-story structure.

The applicant then agreed to present an alternate plan with 2-story structures for Loganville Estates, but according to Gussio, thought they had 60 days to present that plan. Thursday's agenda item was presented after just a 30-day period, and that was one of the complaints lobbed by the law firm.

Following lengthy debate of the property rights and structural issues with the original concept plan, as well as Gussio's promise to file a lawsuit against the city if the variance and zoning votes did not agree (either approval, denial or continuance of both items), council members cast their votes on both matters.

Nunley announces planned end of political career

Mayor Ray Nunley announced Thursday that his career in politics will come to an end at the end of 2013. Nunley announced a few months ago that he is battling health concerns, but he did not cite his health as a reason for his decision.

"I am so gratified by the support I have received from this city," the mayor said.

Nunley made this announcement during his State of the City address, in which he referred to the ailing economy as an overshadowing factor but pointed to the city's successes, such as well-attended city events, infrastructure improvements and financial situation.