After setbacks, Tripp has emergency surgery

Tripp Halstead’s road to recovery has hit several setbacks this week. The latest came in the form of emergency surgery on Thursday afternoon, and news that the Winder toddler has bacterial meningitis.

Stacy Halstead, Tripp’s mother, reported the news on the Facebook page “Tripp Halstead Updates.” Stacy said the meningitis is “very life-threatening” and her son would return to the intensive care unit. The emergency surgery was performed to remove a shunt from Halstead’s head, and a pump from his stomach.

Since Halstead, 2, suffered a head injury from a fallen tree limb on Oct. 29 at a Barrow County daycare, he has spent time at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, and recently at Scottish Rite.

“Words can’t describe what we are feeling except total heartbreak,” Stacy wrote on the page that has 173,000 “likes.”

The surgery is the third for Halstead in about five weeks.

Late Wednesday night, Stacy said her son had been awake for 51 straight hours, and that he had blood shot eyes, was pale and his eyes couldn’t stay focused.

“I want to throw up and I don’t have the flu,” Stacy wrote. “I am just so sick right now. Sick of what happened to Tripp, sick of watching him hurt, sick of watching him cry in pain, sick of watching him get stuck with needles over and over again.”

Throughout the nearly four month ordeal, Stacy has repeatedly referred to the recovery process being a rollercoaster.

A surgery on Feb. 5 cleared up complications from a pump that was inserted in Halstead’s stomach last month.

The latest setback means a second date scheduled to return home has been canceled.

Stacy wrote on Wednesday that the Baclofen pump had again caused problems, and her son experienced withdrawls that caused pain and sleeplessness.

Earlier Thursday, Stacy wrote that pain and shaking was worse, but after tests, doctors were unsure of the problem.

“Now they don’t know what is wrong,” she wrote. “He has some kind of bacteria growing in his blood, but they won’t know that for a few days.”