Man shot by Loganville mother recovering from wounds

LOGANVILLE — An accused home invader is recovering from his injuries after being shot five times at close range by a Georgia mother in a case that's been highlighted by firearms enthusiasts.

Authorities say Melinda Herman grabbed a handgun and hid in a crawl space with her two children when a man broke in at their home northeast of Atlanta on Jan. 4. Herman called her husband on the phone, and with him reminding her of the lessons she learned at a shooting range, Herman opened fire.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said the suspect, Paul Ali Slater, is now "walking and talking" but unable to digest solid foods. The bullets punctured his lungs, liver and stomach. He remains jailed and faces aggravated assault and burglary charges.


TOWG 2 years, 2 months ago

I wonder why comments can be posted on this story but not the one about that poor kid from Grayson who was killed for his sneakers and bling?


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