Ga. asks for new border, water from Tenn. River

ATLANTA — Georgia lawmakers are once more asking to redraw the state's northern border in the hope of getting water from the Tennessee River.

The House of Representatives voted 171-2 on Tuesday to adopt a resolution seeking from Tennessee a strip of land leading to the river. The offer will be sent to Tennessee officials, who have laughed off similar ideas in the past.

Georgia lawmakers argue that a flawed 1818 survey misplaced the 35th parallel. If Tennessee's southern border stretched along the parallel, as Congress decreed in 1796, Georgia could take water from the Tennessee River. No one much cared in modern times until a water dispute between Georgia, Alabama and Florida threatened metro Atlanta's water supply.

"It's basically our water — at least it was when it was on our land," said Rep. Harry Geisinger, R-Roswell, who sponsored the resolution.

Under his plan, Georgia would accept the current border with the exception of a slice of land allowing for access to the Tennessee River. Tennessee leaders have so far been dismissive of the latest request.

"The governor will continue to protect the interests and resources of Tennessee," said David Smith, a spokesman for Gov. Bill Haslam.

A border change would likely require Congressional action or a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Georgia lawmakers have debated similar requests in previous years. Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue considered pursuing a lawsuit seeking to redraw the border after a federal judge ruled that Atlanta had little right to take water from the Chattahoochee River, its main water supply. That ruling has since been overturned.

Georgia leaders have floated the idea in various forms over the years. House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, suggesting expanding road and rail links to Chattanooga, Tenn., in return for water access. Attorney General Sam Olens backed boosting the role of Chattanooga's airport in return for a pipe carrying Tennessee River water to Georgia.


notblind 2 years ago

Start digging a few yards from the border. Make a deep enough and wide enough hole and you will have water pretty quickly.


R 2 years ago

But will it turn Orange before it gets down here?


kevin 2 years ago

Try "angle" drilling, like they do offshore for oil.


R 2 years ago

Better yet just start building an undocumented pipeline...

When they try to enforce the border, we can cry foul and get Eric Holder to claim in court they have no right to do so - since the border placement and enforcement is a Federal matter.

Then while he takes TN to court, we can get a Federal work permit and sail right along.

I wonder if TN gives permit holders driver licenses...


Award88 2 years ago

This is absolutely priceless. I hope you allow me to reuse with a h/t to you.


R 2 years ago

Permission granted ...



Don_Coyote 2 years ago

Divert the water from the Toccoa river instead. It becomes the Ocoee river on the the Tennessee side and eventually drains into the Tennessee river anyway. Hold their recreational use on the Ocoee hostage and they would gladly let us siphon off 1% of Lake Nickajack.


CD 2 years ago

"Attorney General Sam Olens backed boosting the role of Chattanooga's airport in return for a pipe carrying Tennessee River water to Georgia."

Get to work, Brett. Make sure to consult with Shirley on visiting day and also coordinate with Mikey Boy.

I suppose it does not hurt to ask. Since the Delegation of the Gormandizing Gestapo's creed is: What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine, and what you may have in the future is mine, too. So, sure, the Tennessee River is ripe for picking. Let us know how that works out for you.

Complete insanity. How do these clowns even show their faces in public? I guess it's not hard if a clown voted for you to begin with.



SuxBeanU 2 years ago

Rather than take their water, I'd much rather swap politicians, the TN politicians seem to make more sense than the "hat in hand" GA politicians.We are already paying taxes for storm water runoff, why not use that money to build resevoirs, rather than pay people to run around and paint blue fish symbols on storm drains.


R 2 years ago

JUST Remember my Friend

TN gave us VP Al "My jet is bigger than yours" Gore


CD 2 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of Al Gore, internet god or not, but at least he has never been accused of theft, in as much as I can recall. I can't say as much for our fine leaders under the dome.


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