Rebates offered for school teams in Run the Reagan

SNELLVILLE -- Run the Reagan is less than a week away -- this coming Saturday to be exact. And there is still time to sign up, especially if you're with an area school.

To promote school spirit in Gwinnett, organizers of the race are offering a Run the Reagan School Challenge, a rebate for school groups that sign up together.

"The school fundraiser challenge is one of the key areas that we're focusing on this year," said race organizer Tom Mayfield. "We've always recruited volunteers from our local schools, so a few years ago we got the idea that it would be good to offer our local schools an incentive to help with participation as a school fundraiser."

School teams are rebated $5 for every participant who registers online. After the race, the school is given a check that it can use to help its team.

In addition to the rebates, organizers are offering a $500 gift card to Academy Sports for the school team that generates the most participation in the challenge.

"This is a great community event and offers something that's fun and challenging at all levels," Mayfield said.

There is no limit to the number of students allowed on one team, but there must be at least 10 people participating. The deadline to sign up for the discount is Wednesday.

Run the Reagan is an annual tradition in Gwinnett County, where runners sprint down Ronald Reagan Parkway (that is closed for the day) to benefit Gwinnett Community Clinic and Young Life Ministries. Last year, more than 3,000 people participated.

For more information, go to runthereagan.net.