LETTERS: Local football recruits should show more loyalty to state schools

As an alumnus of the University of Georgia and longtime resident of this great state, I take a lot of pride in being a Georgian. Unfortunately, most of the best high school football players in Gwinnett County don't feel the same way.

This past week's National Signing Day, like so many before, saw an overwhelming majority of highly rated prep players from this community spurn scholarship offers from both Georgia and Georgia Tech to sign with out-of-state schools.

Coaches who take credit for instilling hard work, sacrifice, teamwork and player development somehow become agnostic when it comes to building a sense of pride in these young men for their home state. They will tell the media that they stay out of the college decision process, but after playing such a large role in their development I find that hard to believe.

Membership in the many high school football booster clubs throughout the county is replete with alums and fans of both Georgia Tech and UGA. For many of them, their interest in high school football stems from their interest in their college and wanting to see players that they support locally become a Dawg or Yellow Jacket. However, to constantly see this exodus to programs in other states has to be disheartening for those who flip burgers or pour hot chocolate on Friday nights and who write checks to those schools in the offseason.

These young men are passing on an opportunity to attend two institutions that are routinely ranked by U.S. News & World Report as Top 20 Public Universities who also routinely play in their conference championship games and BCS bowls.

These players have been provided a great public education in Gwinnett County and have been raised in a fine community. It is about time they showed more loyalty to Georgia.

-- Todd Evans,



rco1847 2 years, 7 months ago

And while you're at it you can tell Wal Mart to restore the Made In America Label. As a veteran I'm leaning just how shallow our loyality is. Quit crying and get used to it - you helped create it.


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