Email hacker reveals private photos, addresses of Bush family

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating the hacking of email accounts belonging to members of the Bush family that divulged correspondence, addresses, phone numbers and a picture of a self-portrait painted by former President George W. Bush standing in a shower.

A report on the Smoking Gun website said the pilfered emails provided a rare glimpse into the private lives of one of America's most powerful political dynasties. The Bushes are only the second family in U.S. history to send a father and son to the White House.

The website said a hacker known as Guccifer raided the email accounts and posted the photos online. The pictures include an image of former President George H.W. Bush, who was released from a Houston hospital last month after seven weeks of treatment for bronchitis and related ailments, in a hospital bed.

Another photo showed the elder Bush, 88, posing outside a home with Bill Clinton, who was president between the two Bushes.

The intercepted photos also featured a portrait painted by George W. Bush of himself showering. It shows a gray-headed man, nude from the waist up, regarding the viewer with Bush-like features from the reflection in a shaving mirror. Another painting in the same style shows a pair of legs in a bathtub.

"I really like the paintings of George W. Bush," New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz wrote Friday.

Saltz, who normally reserves his criticism for the likes of French painter Henri Matisse, found the president's portraiture "wonderful, unself-conscious, intense."

Other photos showed Bush painting a picture of a house and posing with a cut-out of himself in an artist's smock, beret and mustache.