Landlord finds 169 counterfeit $100 bills

SNELLVILLE -- About two months after a man and his wife unexpectedly moved out of a rental property, a landlord reportedly found a bag with thousands of dollars of fake cash inside.

An arrest warrant was filed last week for John Johnson of Snellville following a Gwinnett County Police report on Jan. 10 when a landlord, on the advice of an attorney, notified police of the suspicious bag. The landlord found 169 counterfeit $100 bills in a bag inside a shed that was only accessible to Johnson, a police report said.

According to the police report, the landlord found the bag when he was renovating the property on Jan. 5.

"(The landlord) stated he took the money from the shed and placed it inside the house," the police report said. "(He) stated he did not call the police right away because he was in a hurry to leave the home. (He) later stated he took photographs of the money, contacted his lawyer and advised him of his findings. ... His lawyer then advised him to contact the police."

The landlord told police the fake money was found near documents that belonged to Johnson.

The responding officer said he scheduled a meeting with detectives and an agent from the Secret Service.