Tripp's surgery clears up complications

As expected, a tube connected to a pump inside Tripp Halstead was the problem.

A Tuesday afternoon surgery cleared up complications the Winder toddler has suffered the last several days related to a pump that was inserted in his stomach last month. His mother wrote on Facebook that doctors found the source of the problem was a tube that ran from the lower back up his spine.

"They fixed it and said it was working fine now," Halstead's mother, Stacy, wrote on the Facebook page Tripp Halstead Updates. "So glad it was the pump. Not knowing is the worst feeling ever."

Last month, doctors inserted a Baclofen pump in Halstead's stomach, which is designed to restore normal balance and reduce muscle hyperactivity. But for at least a week, Halstead experienced pain, vomiting and stiffness.

Late last week, X-rays revealed that a tube was detached from the pump.

The surgery temporarily delayed a return home from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, originally scheduled for Friday. Stacy wrote that her son has to lay flat until Thursday when he can resume rehab.

"So no exact date for home yet, we assume next week," she wrote.