Library begins planning process

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Experts from as far away as Pennsylvania and as close as Decatur will help Gwinnett officials formulate the future for the county library system.

Ivy Library, a division of the Ivy Group, was chosen by commissioners to help officials from the Gwinnett County Public Library create a comprehensive master plan.

"We are pleased anytime we can learn more about the community the library serves," library Executive Director Nancy Stanbery-Kellam, said in a press release. "The county provided this opportunity for relevant research and community dialog at an opportune time."

According to the release, the consultants are tasked with analyzing library and U.S. Census data; benchmarking performance against national peers; conducting a market segmentation and lifestyle analysis; surveying board members, senior administration and staff; and assessing technology and facilities.

Community input will be gathered through interviews with opinion leaders, focus groups of patrons and a telephone survey of area residents.

Partners Nancy Davis and Pam Fitzgerald will lead the project along with Ivy Library Consultants Catherine Alloway, director of Schlow Centre Region Library in State College, Pa.; David Belanger, director of Delaware County Library System in Media, Pa.; Darro Willey, past director of DeKalb County Library in Decatur; Chris Ricci, field research director of Ricci Telephone Research, Inc.; and Marc Futterman, president and CEO of CIVICTechnologies.

"We very much look forward to facilitating this visionary project for Gwinnett County Public Library," Davis said in the release. "The new comprehensive plan will align the library system with Gwinnett County's long range planning goals and ensure that it contributes to efforts to make the county a desirable place to live and work."


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

My goodness! Does this really take a whole "City" to figure out what to do with this library system? What in the world do we pay a board and managers to do? They don't have any ideas about what to do? Does the taxpayer have to fund this bunch of outsiders as well? I can see why this system is a failure; it has no leaders with smarts. They must all be in the wrong "industry." Get rid of the whole board and start over. This sort of thing is normal when you have a whole board made up of only paid political appointees? The BOC and Chairwoman should be held responsible for not fixing this broken system sooner.


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