LETTERS: Big game hardly 'super'

Let's rename the professional football championship game. There was not one thing, except the 108-yard kickoff return, that was "super."

Our national anthem has been hijacked by those that try to glorify themselves rather than pay homage to our country. The long-promoted halftime show, the approximate three minutes I could stand to watch, was nothing but a yelling, snarling, vulgar display of junk. Even the victorious quarterback could not keep his language intact.

If it wasn't for a little football squeezed in between commercials, this was a TV-MA audience-rated broadcast at best. It is truly a shame to see another once-cherished sporting event disregard the respect of the viewing audience. Our young people need and deserve sporting role models with character.

-- D.W. Pyles



kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

It wasn't "super" thanks to Goodell, who caused the two best teams that should have been there, not to make it there.


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