Tripp to have surgery Tuesday

Another procedure is on the horizon for Tripp Halstead, and it may interrupt his expected return home on Friday.

Halstead's mother, Stacy, wrote on Facebook that after a visit with a neurosurgeon on Monday morning, a surgery is scheduled for Tuesday to clear up complications the toddler has suffered the last several days related to a pump that was inserted in his stomach last month.

"It will be a big surgery," Stacy wrote on the Facebook page "Tripp Halstead Updates." "They have to cut his stomach open again and look at the pump."

One doctor thinks the original plan to return home on Friday may still happen, but it's not officially decided yet, Stacy wrote.

Last month, doctors inserted a Baclofen pump in Halstead's stomach, which is designed to restore normal balance and reduce muscle hyperactivity. But for at last a week, Halstead has experienced pain, vomiting and stiffness.

After doctors took X-rays, it was discovered that a tube was detached from the pump, Stacy wrote on Friday.

So doses of medicine were not what they needed to be, which could be an explanation for the complications, she wrote.

The news came with a mixed reaction from Halstead's mother, who used the "rollercoaster" term again to describe the recovery process.

"I just remember the pain that the incision caused him and it is just now healing to the point that we can lay him on his stomach and not have to be so extremely careful every time we move him," she wrote. "But we gotta fix the pump for him to get better. Just another climb in his rollercoaster to recovery."

The family recently passed the three-month anniversary of when the Winder toddler was hit by a falling tree limb outside his daycare.