Norcross leaders vote 'no' on gateway, digital signs

Staff Correspondent

NORCROSS -- Months of discussion and research regarding city gateway signs leading into Norcross, and a digital reader board for the downtown historic area, came to a vote Monday evening. With gateway entry signs being considered at Holcomb Bridge Road and Buford Highway, and another location at Holcomb Bridge Road and Peachtree Industrial Road, bids were solicited and presented at Monday's city council meeting. When approval of the bids came down to a vote, council members voted not to proceed with either sign.

The digital reader board, proposed to take the place of the message board already located in the downtown area, was also denied by council vote on Monday. Councilman Keith Shewbert said that he has a problem with the city erecting a digital sign when businesses are prevented from doing the same thing. Councilman Charlie Riehm pointed out that the proposed sign would be providing a public service to residents and patrons, but Shewbert reiterated that he still did not think that exceptions to the sign ordinance should be made for the city that are not allowed for businesses.

Norcross to receive CDBG funds

City leaders voted Monday to officially accept $564,400 in Community Development Block Grant funds for sidewalk improvements on several roads in Norcross. Improvements will be made to 8,515 linear feet of sidewalks within the city limits.

Changes made to senior exemptions

Following a vote taken during Monday night's council meeting, seniors living in Norcross who qualify for utility and garbage collection fee exemptions must both live in and own the properties associated with the exemption.

Shewbert cast the only dissenting vote regarding the matter, saying that the action treats those who are not property owners like "second-class citizens."