Pawn shop in Ga. finds owner of missing class ring via social media

LAGRANGE — A Georgia pawn shop gave a man an early Christmas gift Tuesday when the man was reunited with a long lost valued possession after 20 years.

Jake Long, owner of the Pawn Express in LaGrange, thought he was encountering the usual seller at the shop, when he realized the man was attempting to sell a class ring containing an engraving that read, “Derrick Bryan, Troup High, 1991.”

The man was not Derrick Bryan.

The shop has a policy against buying class rings not being sold by the owner, according to Long, until after 30 days of turning it into the police department without finding the rightful owner.

“I told him, ‘You have two options, you can leave it here for us or we can call the police,’” said Long.

To no surprise, the male agreed to leave the ring at the shop and left the store.

Long posted a picture and description of the ring on Facebook hoping that someone would be able to locate the owner.

Friends of Bryan began calling him and messaging his wife through Facebook, after seeing the post.

Bryan then learned that the ring he had missed for 20 years would soon be back on his finger.

“I thought I may have lost it when had gone jet skiing or something,” said Bryan. “I’ve always thought about it and missed it.”

Bryan was summoned to the shop to retrieve his ring.

“I’m excited to have it back,” he said. “It’s a good Christmas present. It would probably be scrapped gold somewhere if it had not been for Pawn Express.”

The rings fits much tighter than 20 years ago, Bryan said, but he plans on keeping the ring in his wife’s jewelry box to prevent a future loss.

Long credited social media in helping to locate Bryan, and said that the attempted seller could have used social media to find Bryan as they did, as opposed to attempting to sell property that he did not own.