LETTERS: Thoughts heading into a new year

Thoughts heading into a new year

As we close the door on 2013, can we all try to do a better job? Each year it seems that we, as a nation, become more centered on other people’s business rather than our own.

I wish that we spent more time trying to help our needy in this country first, then see what we have to offer countries that stand with us. Let’s try to get our middle class citizens back on track. The middle class has always come to the rescue when times are tough. Let’s not ridicule or harass those that disagree with us based on religion.

If you intend to do no harm to your fellow man, you go to your church and I will go to mine. If you choose not to follow any particular faith or doctrine, that is fine too, as long as you don’t persecute others.

Can we please try to do a better job by not allowing the entertainment industry to set the bar as far as morality goes in this country? Finally, please vote. Much of our future depends on who is runninng our government.

Here is hoping that we all have a blessed and prosperous 2014.

— D.W. Pyles,