Berkeley Lake adopts 2014 budget

BERKELEY LAKE — A $1,095,427 budget for Berkeley Lake for the year 2014 was adopted Thursday evening, unanimously approved by council vote following the required public hearing on the matter held in November.

Two city ordinances amended

City leaders approved changes to the ordinance regulating massage therapy businesses Thursday, in an effort to be proactive “because of incidents that have arisen in nearby cities,” Deputy City Administrator Pat Chapman said. The new regulations govern the appropriate location, hours of operation and licensing required to operate such a business within the city limits. A maximum of two massage therapy businesses will be allowed in Berkeley Lake at a time.

City resident and therapist Linda Craig applauded the city’s efforts to regulate massage therapy businesses.

“It protects the city and the honor of the profession,” Craig said.

The ordinance specifying prohibited weapons within city limits was also amended Thursday.According to mayor Lois Salter, there are no weapons allowed for use within the city’s extensive green space, but in an attempt to clarify city-wide regulations, the list of prohibited weapons was extended by the amendment. Weapons such as bow and arrow, blow gun, paintball guns, air pistols, air rifles, BB and pellet guns and others have been included in the list of prohibited weapons in the city. The amended ordinance can be viewed on the city’s website, for a complete list of prohibited weapons.

Berkeley Lake to consider ‘Compassionate City Status’

LeAnne McDaniel, a city resident, asked Salter and council members to consider making Berkeley Lake a Compassionate City. This international initiative designates cities that have completed an application process and demonstrate, according to McDaniel, the Golden Rule.

“When I read about this Compassionate City campaign, I got so excited, because we (in the city) are already doing these things,” McDaniel said.

The Compassionate City campaign is a grassroots initiative, with no city resources required. Atlanta, Canton and Norcross are already working toward obtaining the status. Salter and council members said that they will review the information McDaniel provided them about the campaign, discuss it with Berkeley Lake homeowners associations and individual residents, then address the matter officially during the January 2014 council meeting.