LETTERS: Commercialism ruining the holidays

Kathleen Parker’s column (“Holidays reduced to commercial value,” Dec. 1, 7A) is right on point. I long for the old days when families actually celebrated Thanksgivings day and gave thanks for whatever made them thankful for this holiday.

Now even before Thanksgiving is celebrated, we are bombarded with TV and radio ads and commercials and tons of newspaper advertising on Black Friday deals. Is the urge to purchase the newest gaget more important today than spending special time with our families and friends? Shoudn’t Thanksgiving be a

time for reflection and a time for everyday to take a day off from work?

Ms. Parker has reminded us that we are becoming a society that is obssesed with owning things rather than cherishing the more important things in life such as love of our families, kindness for the less fortunate, companionship with our friends, gratitude for good health, and living in our free country.

Torin Togut, Lawrenceville