POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Council service complete, Martin turns attention to Senate race

P.K. Martin

P.K. Martin

P.K. Martin took his final vote as a Lawrenceville councilman Wednesday, but he hopes his absence from office is brief.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Lawrenceville for the last eight years,” Martin, a native of the county seat, said of following in his family’s footsteps. “The trust my neighbors have placed in me has been humbling, and I am proud of the accomplishments we have had during my time on the council.”

He pointed to the Aurora Theatre’s move to Lawrenceville and improvements in the community, as well as attracting jobs and lowering taxes as some of his accomplishments, but now the young politician is turning his focus to a state Senate race, where he hopes to replace embattled Sen. Don Balfour.

“After eight years, serving on the council has become a part of life,” Martin said in a press release “While it’s tough to see that part of my life come to a close, I am excited about focusing my full attention on the campaign for State Senate.”

“I am running for Senate because I’m tired of seeing politicians skirting just inside the parameters of legality, instead of doing what’s right. The people have simply lost trust in government, particularly here in Gwinnett County where we have seen a lot of news reports about our leaders and their ethical challenges. It’s time to restore that trust,” Martin said, referencing in part the trial that Balfour faces in the coming weeks on charges related to false expense reports. “We have a tradition of addressing our elected officials as honorable, and we need elected officials who will earn that title. That’s what I’ve done on the City Council, and that is what I will do in the Senate.

“We need an ethical conservative leader in the Senate who will lead by example, stand on principle and make us proud,” Martin added. “There are a lot of important issues facing our families and this district, but none are more important than restoring the public’s trust. You have my word that I will serve you with honor and make you proud should I be elected.”

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