Lawrenceville denies permit for U-Haul rentals

LAWRENCEVILLE — The Marathon Gas Station on Grayson Highway will no longer be able to continue its U-Haul rental section.

By a 3-2 decision, with Mayor Judy Johnson casting the deciding vote, the Lawrenceville City Council denied a BG zoning special-use permit to the facility at 1000 Grayson Highway, despite one local resident, Mr. Campbell, voicing his support for the business.

According to the owner, the U-Haul business represented 20 percent of the station’s business, which will continue as a gas station only.

“The U-Haul business needs to be at the U-Haul place, and not at a gas station,” Johnson said. Councilmen Bob Clark and Tony Powell also voted for denial, saying multiple businesses shouldn’t be in one location in a residential corridor.

The Marathon Station has been renting these types of trucks and trailers since 2005 here since there was no special-use requirement for the rental business at that time.

In other business, the council passed a 17-item consent agenda presented by City Attorney Lee Thompson.

The agenda included the first readings of the following items:

• Amendments to regulate family day care homes, the use of window and door signs, and outdoor storage provisions

• To change conditions on a 23.54-acre parcel at the northwest corner of Hosea Road and U.S. Highway 29

• To allow an EMC sign at Nash Chevrolet, 630 Scenic Highway; and

• To allow Goodwill of North Georgia, 251 Scenic Highway, to have commercial vehicle parking (tractor and/or trailer).

These items will have their second readings and be voted on at the next council meeting Jan. 6.

The other consent agenda items are as follows:

• Establishing a new position of accounting administrative clerk.

• Purchasing two Sanitation Department trucks from Consolidated Trucking for $255,226.

• Buying a pipeline current mapper from C&S Solutions for $10,475; and

• Mayor Jordon also announced that “Lawrenceville Rings” celebration will be held on New Year’s Eve from 5 p.m. to midnight, and will include fireworks.