Cops: Wanted man applied for alcohol license, had pot

DULUTH — Dear fugitive: That warrant out for your arrest means it’s probably not the best idea to show up to city hall and let them run your information. That pot in your pocket should probably go too.

Alex Jordan Murray, 24, could have used the advice.

According to a Duluth Police Department report, Murray visited city hall at about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday in hopes of applying for an alcohol license. City employees did their typical criminal and background checks and uncovered a probation violation warrant.

Murray reportedly told the responding officer “that he knew ‘exactly’ what the original charge for that probation warrant was.” Jail records show he was arrested on battery charges in 2010.

As Murray was being handcuffed, the officer “smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming form his person.” He eventually found marijuana in Murray’s right pocket, the report said.

Murray was arrested and charged with probation violation and possession of marijuana. Gwinnett County jail records show he was being held without bond as of Friday afternoon.