Chinese company to open Duluth office

DULUTH — From half a world away, local and state officials announced Chinese company TravelSky will open a U.S. Development Center in Gwinnett County.

The company, a leading information technology solutions developer for the airline and tourism industry, is expected to create 50 jobs and invest $10 million in the community when it opens operations at Satellite Place in the Duluth area.

“Georgia is absolutely the right place for innovative technology companies like TravelSky to grow and find success,” Gov. Nathan Deal said, making the announcement following a meeting with in Qingdao, Shandong, China. “We have a longstanding commitment to cultivating technology growth in the state and an arsenal of resources to make it happen, including a highly-educated workforce and access to top-notch university research.”

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce leaders and Commission Chairwoman Charlotte Nash made the trip with a delegation of Georgia business and economic development officials.

“The Chinese civil aviation industry constantly looks for more effective IT solutions to meet new operational, customer service and high-standing industry requirements,” said the company’s vice president Yuanchang Huang. “By bringing together resources, expertise and talent from the state of Georgia, we expect to deliver exceptional IT services and expand into the global markets of travel industry. TravelSky is grateful for the opportunity that Georgia has provided, and we are optimistic that the establishment of our North America R&D center in Georgia will lead to our continued success.”

According to a press release, the company chose Gwinnett over locations in Silicon Valley in California, Dallas, Houston, Chicago and Toronto.

“We are pleased to welcome TravelSky to Gwinnett County. Our community is committed to establishing the county as a leading hub of technology and global business, and our work is paying off,” Nash said. “Gwinnett is home to more than 500 internationally based businesses. Our reputation as a leading community in global business helps us attract and support growing companies, such as TravelSky.”

Gwinnett Chamber Vice President Nick Masino said the local area has become a “preferred location” for global businesses.

“Gwinnett boasts nearly twice the average technology workforce than the average county in the United States,” Masino said. “This allows the community to attract companies, such as TravelSky, that need to access a highly-skilled, technical workforce.”

TravelSky, headquartered in Beijing, has more than 4,000 employees worldwide.

Its Duluth location is being praised as part of the revitalization of the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District.

“Gwinnett Place is focused on revitalization strategies that will build and support business in our community,” Executive Director Joe Allen said. “We are thrilled to welcome TravelSky’s operations to the area and consider them an asset as we work to strengthen the economic vitality of this community.”