Improvements coming for pedestrians along Club Drive

DULUTH — Federal and state funding will help make one of the area’s most walked roads more pedestrian-friendly.

Commissioners approved a $625,000 transportation enhancement agreement to add more sidewalks to Club Drive, the Duluth-area road where a child was killed walking to the park a few years ago.

With construction slated for next year, the funding means an increase to the network of sidewalks, which were built just months after the child’s 2011 death.

Walkability is a key issue for the mostly residential road, which connects people with the busy Gwinnett Place business district.

“We see the extension of sidewalks along Club Drive as positive,” said Joe Allen, the executive director of the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District, a business organization which does not extend into the residential area.

In recent years, the CID has partnered with the county to construct miles of sidewalks in and around the area, where many people walk to work or shop or eat in local restaurants.

“Given the number of residential developments surrounding the business district, many people walk to the various stores, restaurants and entertainment destinations,” Allen added. “One of our goals is to make the CID more walkable, and I believe the Club Drive sidewalks will compliment those efforts.”

Gwinnett DOT Director Kim Conroy agreed.

“We are pleased to partner with Georgia DOT to leverage our SPLOST funds and install sidewalk to address the significant increase in pedestrian traffic along Club Drive,” Conroy said. “This project should greatly improve pedestrian safety and enhance mobility in this corridor.


toby 1 year, 11 months ago

This should keep the gangs feet dry while they paint all over our fences. How about installing laser guided gang elimination weapons. Or fences that spray paint onto the gang bangers. I will bet these clowns will paint the side walks.


GeorgiaResident 1 year, 11 months ago

$625,000 for sidewalks on Club Dr? What a way to waste more tax payer money. I guess the gang bangers won't have to worry about slipping on wet grass when running from the local stop n rob they just hit. This will be nothing but a headache as they construct these sidewalks. But hey, the CID thinks they know best. Of course the county DOT agrees, they know how to waste more money than anybody.


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