'Mythbusters' brings show to Atlanta


Adam Savage, left, and Jamie Hyneman bring their show "MythBusters: Behind the Myths" to the Fox Theatre on Aug. 30. (Special Photo)

If You Go

• What: “MythBusters: Behind the Myths”

• When: 8 p.m. Aug. 30

• Where: Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St., Atlanta

• Cost: $59.65 to $143.50

• For more information: Visit foxtheatre.org

ATLANTA — You’ve seen them debunk and prove hundreds of myths. Now you can see them in person. Adam Savage and Jaime Hyneman bring their show “MythBusters: Behind the Myths” to the Fox Theatre on Aug. 30.

The event consists of on-stage experiments, audience participation, videos and behind-the-scenes stories.

It is the first time that the two are bringing the show to the stage — well, excluding college tours and other speaking opportunities.

“It was something that when we talked about doing,” co-host Adam Savage said. “Rather than doing college tours and Q&As, we wanted to do something more proactive.”

The new tour was initially difficult to organize, according to Savage.

“That is the hardest question. That’s what we were confronted when we wanted to do a live show,” he said. “With ‘Mythbusters,’ we are figuring out (the answer) along with the viewer. We looked at some of the things that were important to us … humor to keep the audience interested and involved. Being funny and well as playing with people’s perception — that’s a good mark to that start with.”

Once the two worked out the bugs, they realized they wanted a lot of audience participation. The duo matches wits on stage with each other and members of the audience.

“I love looking out and seeing how many different groups of people there are,” Savage said of the audience. “I like to think that they all go home with something.”

And there was a specific reason the men wanted to come to Atlanta on Aug. 30: Dragon*Con. Savage is a huge fan of the convention and has attended several times.

“I have been Chewbacca … I do a costume segment, so I think I may bump it up in Atlanta,” he said. “I hope some Dragon*Con people come out. I’d love to get a (‘Star Wars’) Storm Trooper on stage.”

Hyneman and Savage will both be speaking at Dragon*Con in Atlanta Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.

”MythBusters; mixes scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create its own signature style of explosive experimentation — and the supporting or de-bunking of urban myths that we live with day to day,” said a release.