Grayson City Council to continue working with Partnership Gwinnett

GRAYSON — The Grayson City Council has agreed to again join Partnership Gwinnett in an effort to spur economic growth and business development.

In its regular meeting Monday night, the council agreed to spend $3,000 to continue its relationship with the developmental organization.

Nick Masino, senior vice president for Partnership Gwinnett, presented to Mayor Jim Hinkle a map of Grayson showing the demographic breakdown in the city.

Many other Gwinnett cities and the county itself participate in the program with Gwinnett contributing $500,000.

In other business, the council:

• Agreed to apply for grants under the Main Street Georgia Program, which assists cities in upgrading plans for their downtown areas.

• Approved its 2013-14 annual budget.

• OK’d to purchase two special-needs swings for handicapped children in the Grayson Park at a cost of $1,619 plus shipping.

• Tabled proposals for building maintenance on City Hall and the senior center due to lack of bids, and signage for the 438 building on Grayson Highway.

• Agreed to the concept for an Eagle Scout project presented by Kevin Brooks of Boy Scout Troop 231, which will include the construction of a veterans’ memorial flagpole encircled by bricks with the names of veterans.


kevin 1 year, 11 months ago

Nick Masino and his partners have come up with a great idea to create jobs for themselves using taxpayer monies and formed a government within a government, Partnership Gwinnett. No wonder the county is spending more than it has.


Reason 1 year, 11 months ago

$3,000 and all I got was a lousy demographic map. Did the county get one too? I bet they already had one stashed away, somewhere... Ba-Dum-Bum/Cymbal Crash... No SPLOST, no upgrades for the cities. You guys got any of that SDS money left? Might need it for a non rainy day.


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