LETTERS: Tired of dealing with Mexico's problems

Gee, how saddened I am that Mexico is unhappy with our country, especially with our state of Arizona. It seems that the crackdown by Arizona on illegal immigration has caused many illegal alien Mexicans to return across the border back to their real homes in the State of Senora, Mexico.

It appears the reduction of American dollars and the influx of Mexicans back “home” has upset the Mexican apple-cart and disrupted their economy. Mexico wants the American dollars but not the social costs.

A delegation of nine state legislators from the Mexican State of Sonora recently traveled to Tucson, Arizona to loudly complain about Arizona’s new employer crackdown on illegals from Mexico. Seems like the Mexican politicians are ticked off that Arizona has chosen to protect the constitution of the United States, our national sovereignty, American workers and our American citizenship.

Georgia once followed Arizona’s lead but now seems on the edge of folding before deep-pocket special interest groups. We can only hope that our Georgia leaders can grow the cajones to follow Arizona’s leadership. Isn’t it time to ignore greedy groups like the Chambers of Commerce, restaurant employers and the agricultural interests who want cheap compliant labor which will be effectively subsidized by the rest of us Georgians?

So far as I am concerned, Mexico can cry me a deep river. I am tired of taking in Mexico’s problems thus allowing Mexico to avoid having to address their deep internal social and economic problems. As for you employers who lust for cheap labor at the cost of us American tax-payers, please don’t call your self patriotic Americans.

You aren’t.

Ernest Wade, Loganville


kevin 1 year, 4 months ago

This is exactly what is going on. Forget to mention one other little thing however. The Democrats are so desperate to get them and keep them here because those people vote Democratic every chance they get. Just look at who they elect in their own country. The Hispanics are desperately being told to change this country into their country so they can get all the freebies besides all the benefits of living in a beautiful and abundant land, which our forefathers lost their lives for. They want to come here to live, put them in the Army for 4 years as their first requirement. That would demonstrate their true allegiance to the U.S and not to Mexico or wherever they are running from. Stop hiring them and they will stop coming here. It's the stupid Americans hiring them selling their country out for a few bucks. This is more than about money, but about Democratic politics. Are you all that blind?


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