Brookwood grads tied to massive fake ID ring

Police believe several Brookwood High School grads were at the center of a massive multi-state fake ID ring.

The Red & Black — the University of Georgia’s independent student newspaper — reported that an investigation by the school’s police department, launched in August 2011, uncovered more than 600 fraudulent IDs, tens of thouands of dollars in profit and a network spanning at least seven different colleges.

In the middle of all that were Tyler Andrew Ruby, 23, and William Finley Trosclair, 22, indentified by the paper as ringleaders and Brookwood graduates. Ashley Leigh Hampton, Ciara Montes, Arvind Sekar and Graham Shaw all reportedly went to the Snellville high school as well, and were among the 21 students indicted.

According to The Red & Black, authorities began looking into the ring in 2011, after Hampton’s UGA dorm roommate came forward with concerns. What allegedly began with Ruby and Trosclair (at both UGA and Gainesville State College) spread as far as Ole Miss and Northwestern University when various members of the group went to their own schools.

UGA Chief of Police Jimmy Williamson reportedly said the ring netted “six figures” in four different states. And the IDs were good.

“These were very well made IDs,” Williamson told The Red & Black. “These people went through elaborate means to make sure that the watermarks or holograms were (perfect). For a regular person, even the police, who see these IDs pretty regularly — they look legitimate. Running them on the computer was the only way to know.”

Ruby and Trosclair were charged with 18 and 16 felony counts, respectively, of making and distributing fake IDs, according to the newspaper. Sekar, Shaw and Hampton were indicted on nine, six and five counts, respectively.


Gundoctor1 8 months ago

I'm sure that mom and dad are very proud!!!


hmmmmm 8 months ago

Way too sophisticated of an operation for teenagers to manage alone....No adults involved?


NakedBobby48 8 months ago

I'm a cashier at Kroger's and i looked at lot of IDs and Drivers licensee and I hope they get Caught.


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