LETTERS: When it comes to politicians, who can we trust?

Thomas Sowell hit the nail on the head with his latest column (“Busybody politics,” Aug. 8, 6A).

It is truly easy to “dictate” the needs of the valley if you have always lived on the mountain top. Most politicians are trying to control more and more of our personal freedoms through never ending government control. The question remains: How do we stop this ongoing trend?

Looking at the current stories regarding New York’s Anthony Weiner fiasco as well as the local Clayton County Sheriff indictments, maybe it is the blame of voters that sit back and let others rule the ballot box. The trust in our government is very low. Is it our own fault based on voter apathy?

We need new leaders in the upcoming elections, both in congress and the White House. The question remains: Who can we trust?’

D.W. Pyles, Loganville