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Beam installation at Ga. 316, Ga. 20 shouldn't affect traffic

LAWRENCEVILLE — Bridge beams could soon be in place at Lawrenceville’s busiest intersection, although traffic shouldn’t be a problem for the work.

Crews are scheduled to set the beams Tuesday in the median of Ga. Highway 316 at Ga. Highway 20 as part of the $37.4 million transformation of the intersection. Officials hope the weather permits work on the 16 beams needed for the bridge, where Ga. 20 traffic will travel over a lowered roadbed for Ga. 316.

“Thankfully, the installation of these beams will not affect traffic,” said Harold Mull, Georgia Department of Transportation district construction engineer. “These beams will cross the current median of State Route 316. This area does not carry traffic right now.”

The beams are a milestone for the project, which also includes a new bridge for Collins Hill Road to travel over Ga. 316.

“This project will build one interchange or exit to allow traffic from State Route 316 to access State Route 20 or to access Collins Hill Road using a system of long ramps,” Mull said. “The existing signalized intersections at State Route 20 and at Collins Hill Road will be removed as the interchange is finished. It is similar to the system we have along I-85 from SR 120 down to Pleasant Hill Road. You get off the mainline of I-85 south at SR 120 and use the parallel roads to access the exit you need.”

The project is due to be complete by the end of March 2015.