LETTERS: Obama missteps should be remembered at next election

There are so many scandals and misguided policies attached to the Obama administration that it’s difficult to select the most egregious.

Of those that come to mind — using and ultimately losing billions of tax payer dollars to fund so-called green industries, IRS harrasment of conservative and tea party groups seeking tax free status prior to the 2012 elections, weakening requirements for food stamps and social security disability resulting in huge increases in both programs, the most egregious, in my opinion, is leaving our Ambassador, assigned by Mr. Obama to Bengazi, Libya, and his staff unprotected during the attack by that country’s religious radicals.

The ambassador and 3 other Americans were killed and our leaders stood by and did nothing.

The message to our allies and more importantly to the American people and its military is that we can’t be trusted to honor our committments. My plea is that the electorate keeps these issues in mind in next years election.

William D. Estes, Lilburn


kevin 1 year, 12 months ago

Voters in this nation have become too stupid and wanting for stuff for free to vote against the Democrats. Obama's next feat is to get amnesty for all the illegals. Why is that so important for him? He is losing the citizen voters so he needs a new group of idiots to stay in this country to "block" vote for Democrats, the party of handouts (for doing nothing for it)!


Why_not 1 year, 12 months ago

I agree with Mr. Estes on some points. There have been missteps that have cost tax dollars during this administration. Just like missteps from a previous administration that cost more than 1.46 TRILLION in Iraq, as well as 4400 soldiers lives along with 32,000 wounded. The estimated cost of veteran care for those soldiers is almost 1TRILLION additional. I suppose mistakes and missteps go with the territory of holding that high of an office. As far as the Benghazi incident, I am just as anxious as everyone else to know what really did happen....not what people think or assume happened. It appears that the CIA may have been conducting covert operations that could have contributed to the tragedy. If this is so, my hope is that everyone responsible will be held fully accountable.


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