LETTERS: Despite Zimmerman verdict, judicial system still a pillar

After the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial I was led to reflect upon the decisions in two other high profile cases. They are the O.J Simpson and Casey Anthony trials. In each of the three cases there was a segment of the American people who took strong oppositions to the jury verdicts.

In each of the three cases there were strong defense teams with over powered weaker prosecution teams. That was most evident in the O.J Simpson trial as any rational person should conclude that Mr. Simpson killed his wife and her friend. However shoddy police work and prosecution error led to a not guilty verdict. The evidence in the Casey Anthony case was circumstantial at best and the state simply failed to meet its burden. There is no doubt that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. However, the defense team just did a better job than the prosecution in presenting Mr. Zimmerman’s case.

We may disagree with one or more of the decisions in the three high profile cases but we have to accept them, as a result of our judicial system. Our judicial system is a pillar of our society without which our society would fall.

Macklyn Smith, Attorney at Law