The One serves Korean cuisine in bento boxes, like this one shown here. It is bibimbab, a mixed rice dish with vegetables, a fried egg and beef, plus sides. (Staff Photo: Meghan Kotowski)


The restaurant is bright, clean and decorated with cutouts of trees, birds and sayings on the walls. (Staff Photo: Meghan Kotowski)


Galbijjim beef box — Marinated and steamed short ribs served with a stew and drink, $11

• Chicken teriyaki box — Boneless chicken breast grilled and glazed with teriyaki sauce, served with a stew and drink, $8

• Bibimbab rice box — Steamed rice served with vegetables, beef, a fried egg and spicy sauce. Also comes with a stew and drink, $8

• Yookgeajang soup — Spicy soup with shredded beef and vegetables, $9

3751 Satellite Blvd., Suite 600, Duluth


Open since: April

Owner: MJ Kim

Location: The One is located in the Satellite Square shopping center, across the street from Uptown Suites on Satellite Boulevard.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week

Atmosphere: The inside of The One is bright with bleach white walls accented with neon orange and green paint around the molding and chair rails.

Guests order at the front counter, which is actually in the middle of the dining room, and find a spot anywhere in the room. Sometimes you’ll have to go pick up your order, but when it’s slower, the food is brought to your table.

There are several table in the middle of the room as well as boxed off tables around the perimeter of the restaurant.

To decorate the white walls, the staff cut out trees, birds and leaves, then placed the pieces on the walls. There are also saying scattered around the space, like “Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Love doesn’t make the world go round.”

Guests can either dine in or take out their orders.

Menu: If you didn’t know what The One sold, the name wouldn’t give it away — but the restaurant sells Korean cuisine.

Instead of serving it to customers in several side dishes, the food is prepared in bento boxes — a large serving platter in the shape of a box with smaller boxes inside for separate the dishes. Each box comes with pickled radish, pickle daikon, fried chicken, an assortment of tempura veggies and dumpling, and rice (white or purple bean rice).

With every box, guests are served a side of stew and a fountain drink. For an extra $1.50, you can substitute the stew for soup instead.

The menu may be intimidating for first time diners, but everything is written in both Korean and English. If you have any questions, the staff is bilingual and ready to help.

There are five different types of boxes to choose from: beef, chicken, pork, seafood and rice. In each category, there are three or four selections to pick from.

So far, the two most popular dishes are the galbi beef box (marinated grilled beef ribs) and pork bulgogi box (thinly sliced pork, marinated in the house sauce).

For those not feeling super adventurous, it is recommended to try to donkatsu pork box. It’s thinly sliced beef tenderloin marinated, then cooked and served in the house sauce.

Another popular box is the bibimbab, a traditional Korean meal. It is composed of steamed rice, vegetables, beef, a fried egg and a spicy sauce. All you do it mix it all together and eat.

Don’t want any of that? You can order just a soup or stew — all with confusing names, but simple descriptions. There’s doenjang jjigae (soy bean paste stew with tofu), galbitang (beef rib stew), daegutang (a mild soup with fresh cod fish), miyeokguk (seaweed soup), woogujitang (beef rib and dried cabbage soup) and yookgeajang (a spicy soup with shredded beef and vegetables.)

Or you can keep it super simple: soft tofu (spicy beef and tofu soup) and kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew).

Things you might not know: The restaurant that formerly used the same space was a place called Don Quixote, another Korean restaurant.


The One

The One