Former employee charged with joyriding in rental cars

Vincent Timothy Abrahams

Vincent Timothy Abrahams

DULUTH -- On any given night -- whether joyriding or going on a date -- Vincent Timothy Abrahams might've been driving a Ford Fusion, a Chevy Malibu, a Hyundai Elantra or any of three other vehicles at his disposal.

Problem is, they all belonged to Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Abrahams was arrested late last week in Gwinnett and charged with eight counts of theft by taking and one apiece of loitering, marijuana possession and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. His arrest came after he was allegedly caught red-handed outside his former employer's Duluth location.

According to incident reports, a Gwinnett County police officer was patrolling near the Satellite Boulevard Enterprise facility when he spotted Abrahams "standing next to a silver Ford Taurus" behind the building. Since it was just after 2 a.m., the officer questioned the 22-year-old's reason for being there.

After initially saying he worked there and was cleaning out a rental, Abrahams reportedly fessed up and told the officer he had worked at the Enterprise location prior to getting fired in February.

"Abrahams said while he was employed, he took the keys to six of their vehicles over the two months period ... He said at night, he drives by the location to see if any of the vehicles he has keys to is (sic) parked in the parking lot," the incident report said. "He said if there is a vehicle in the parking lot, he parks his car in a different parking lot and takes the rental car for a few hours."

Asked what he does with the cars, Abrahams reportedly said he "takes them joy riding," and, "if he has a date, he will come take a car for the date." On the night in question, Abrahams reportedly took a Ford Taurus to Walmart to buy chips and then "home to smoke a cigarette."

"He said when he takes the vehicles, he cleans them out when he is done and parks them in the same spot they were originally parked in," police said.

Jail records show Abrahams, a Lawrenceville resident, posted the $9,950 necessary for his release from the Gwinnett County Detention Center, but that he was being held on a trespassing warrant out of DeKalb County.

A container holding a small amount of marijuana was allegedly found in the center console of Abrahams' personal vehicle, a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant.