Sugar Hill residents can use gas bill to help others

SUGAR HILL -- Residents of Sugar Hill can now use their city gas bills to help the needy.

The city's mayor and council recently agreed to add a special section to residents' natural gas bill, allowing them "to add $1, $2, $5 or another amount to their payment to help needy citizens," Sugar Hill community relations director Don Kelemen said. Through a partnership with the North Gwinnett Co-op, the extra funds will be used to help local individuals and families who need help paying their own gas bills.

Payments to the program will be "set up in a separate account and will be held at City Hall," Kelemen said.

"When a person requests assistance they will be directed to the co-op, where they may apply for a voucher to be applied to a specific account," he said.

Donations may currently be made only via payments in person or by mail, though the city is looking into the possibility of receiving them online.

Only customers of the Sugar Hill natural gas utility will be eligible to receive assistance under the program.


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