LETTERS: Thankful for caution light

Thankful for caution light

I am a longtime resident of Gwinnett living in the community called the Promise Land. I have worked extremely hard over the years to keep this part of Gwinnett a viable community and a great place to live.

I recently brought an issue to Commissioner Tommy Hunter's attention regarding a caution light being placed at the intersection of Ga. Highway 124 and Lee Road. I brought this up due to safety reasons. Daily, hundreds of cars travel through this intersection from several surrounding subdivisions, traveling to the new Highway 124 and Anderson Livesy Elementary School. Many children walk this way to get to school.

When he was running for office, Mr. Hunter visited me and stated that he would make it a priority if he were elected. When I awoke on the morning of April 1, to my surprise and amazement, the caution light was working. At first I thought it was an April Fool's Day joke, but then I realized it was for real.

I just want to thank Commissioner Hunter and all of those involved for making this happen. This light will improve the traffic flow and safety for this part of Gwinnett.

This action has further increased my faith and trust in elected officials. It is reassuring to citizens like me that I live in a county where elected officials are very responsive to the needs of the citizens.

-- Thomas Livesy, Snellville