LETTERS: Finding God in tragedies

Thanks to Darrell Huckaby for writing such a wonderful article ("Jenna asks: 'Where's God in tragedies?" April 30, 7A).

I have to admit that I don't normally read the Perspective section, skipping to the obituaries to see if any of my friends or loved ones have gone home to meet our Lord and Savior, but the title struck me.

We all sometimes forget that there are other forces at work here on this great Earth. But we always have to remember that God is always with hurting people. Asking the Lord Jesus Christ to be the master of your life is a choice and some people do not make that choice. Some of those people do wicked, horrible things and we have to remember that He will forgive them for those things if they ask.

So I pray not only for the families who were touched by this tragedy, but also for that young man who is still here on Earth that one day he will ask Jesus into his heart so that he can be free.

Thanks again to Darrell for writing this article. It touched me so and made me remember all those ways that we do see God in the tragedies.

-- Pat Bruce