Snellville leaders approve board appointments

SNELLVILLE -- City Council members voted to approve two of Mayor Kelly Kautz's nominations Monday.

Artist Kirk Buis was approved as a member of the Snellville Public Arts Commission. Buis is one of the founders of New London Theatre and Southern Gwinnett Community Arts Association. His nomination was approved unanimously.

Kautz also nominated Adam Guillion to the city's Parks and Recreation Department, in response to Chairwoman Gail Deal's recent resignation. Guillion, a father of five children, is also involved with the city's soccer program.

Councilman Dave Emanuel abstained from voting for or against Guillion's nomination, saying the he did not receive an email with his nomination until 4 or 5 p.m. Monday.

"There should be some form of advance notice when people are nominated," Emanuel said.

Councilman Bobby Howard echoed Emanuel's concern, but he still cast a "yes" vote in favor of Guillion's nomination.

Conditional use permit granted

The owner of the property located at 2320 Ronald Reagan Parkway asked city leaders for approval of a conditional use permit for the .28 acre parcel in recent months. The land, located in a shopping center, was home to a Jiffy Lube business from 1995 to 2005 and has stood vacant since the automotive service business closed.

Since many businesses interested in occupying the property will be in the automotive industry, a pre-emptive granting of the conditional use permit will make opening a business in that location a smoother process.

The council voted to approve the permit with conditions.

Summit Chase dam issue

Councilman Mike Sabbagh said Monday that he would be withdrawing his sponsorship of the April 22 agenda item for public comment, discussion and consideration of the Summit Chase Lower Dam repair issue.

Sabbagh said that some matters regarding the issue are not clear, and more research must be done before making a decision about the dam and related repairs.

"This is a very important topic," Sabbagh said.

Snellville DDA boundaries expanded

The boundaries of Snellville's Downtown Development Authority have been expanded, giving the organization the opportunity to work with more businesses along U.S. Highway 78 and Georgia Highway 124 (Scenic Highway) in Snellville.

"I have seen more progress in the DDA in the last four months than I have in the past 3 years," said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts, who attributes the progress to a team of "go-getters."