Snellville Police warns residents of tree worker scam

SNELLVILLE -- An old scam has resurfaced around Snellville recently as several residents have reported two or three uninvited men coming to their home to discuss bogus tree work.

"It's not a completely brand new scam," Snellville Police Capt. Greg Perry said. "There have been roofers trying to get people out of the house. It pops up once every couple years."

The latest examples have come off of Park Lane and off of Oak Road. Police noticed a trend with the help of a neighborhood watch volunter after the Park Lane incident happened on Wednesday.

A woman told police that when she was with a man in her backyard she noticed through her peripheral vision that another man had entered her house. When she tried to go inside, the man in the backyard tried to convince her no one went inside her house.

"They basically took off when she went in the house," Perry said.

One incident report said the individuals were white men who were dressed in reflective vests, while a similar report said there was one Hispanic male. Both cases included large pickup trucks.

The homeowner at the Park Lane incident said the men said they wanted to show her some trees they had to cut down in a neighbor's yard that affected her property.

Perry said police don't believe anything was taken from the Park Lane house.

Perry said residents should never leave their house with people they don't know or didn't call to do work.

"Immediately call us," Perry said. "We've gotten several tips from the public since we put that thing out on Facebook (on Wednesday)."