Road rage incident leads to shooting

Thomas Warren Burt

Thomas Warren Burt

LILBURN -- The 66-year-old man never found out why Thomas Burt cut him off.

Burt did, however, allegedly assault him and leave two bullet holes in his car -- as well as doing him the courtesy of reporting the incident to police himself.

According to Gwinnett County police, the 66-year-old victim was driving down Stone Mountain Highway near Killian Hill Road Saturday afternoon when Burt's black pickup truck "passed him from the left lane cutting in front of him and missing the vehicle in the left lane ahead of him." When the victim and Burt later stopped side by side, the former asked, through his window, "What are you trying to do, run me off the road back there?"

Burt did not take kindly to the question.

The 26-year-old Lawrenceville man reportedly produced a gun and began shooting "a red gel like substance" -- believed to pepper spray or gel -- at the victim's vehicle.

When the victim then drove on and stopped in the left turn lane for Killian Hill Road, Burt pulled up behind him.

Burt then "exited his vehicle, running to the driver window of (the victim's) vehicle with a black handgun in his hand," a police report said. "(The victim) stated he was trying to roll his window up and Burt grabbed the window causing it to shatter."

Police said Burt stuck the gun into the man's left cheek and asked "Do you want me to shoot you, do you, do you want me to kill you?" The alleged assailant then decided to leave, but not before firing two shots, putting a hole in the victim's left rear door and shattering the left rear window.

Burt then drove to a nearby gas station and called police himself -- reporting that the other man had cut him off then "stabbed him several times in his left arm" after he approached the sedan. He said he had fired only after being stabbed.

"That old guy should thank me for not killing him," Burt reportedly told police.

An officer asked him where his gun was.

"Burt stated that when he got stabbed he dropped it. Burt stated you tend to drop things when you get stabbed," the incident report said. "I asked Burt how he shot at the vehicle if he dropped the gun after he was stabbed."

The suspect said he didn't know.

Burt was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts and first-degree criminal damage to property, all felonies. He was also charged with misdemeanor battery.

Gwinnett County jail records showed he was being held without bond.

"Don't bring a knife to a gun fight," Burt reportedly told police. "That's what he should have learned from that."


TOWG 1 year ago

I hope they throw the book at him!


SurelyNot 1 year ago

I totally agree. Last week my children and I were going up I 85 N and a red truck was in the HOV lane. He was driving about 65. This white Mercedes SUV was behind him and apparently did not like that the pick up wasn't going fast enough and pulled around him and almost hit the red truck. I moved over a lane and then the red p ick up pulled around the Mercedes. What the M did next should have caused a wreck, but apparently pick up can drive pretty good because it didn't. Point is the jerk in the white SUV was mad I guess and stupid. Wish a cop had been around. My kids (my 13 year old son in front especially) were upset watching all this. Road rage ain't worth it. Ususally the innocent winds up paying the price.


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